Toys and Games for You and Your Blind Dog

Must be blind dog relies so heavily on smell and hearing, it is likely to be helpful to pick toys that activate those senses.

Dawn Rehus, an avowed pet training instructor, recommends trying “Hide and Seek” together with your dog. “Hiding at close perimeters and slowly expanding is not just a fun game, but additionally teaches your dog in the future,” Rehus explains. You may also hide small treats and let your dog use his sense of smell to locate them.

Several treat-dispensing toys are available on the market, which are ideal for blind dogs. The Buster Cube could be stuffed with treats, and when your dog interacts with the toy, treats fall out for him to enjoy. Similarly, Kong toys may also be great for scent games. Fill the within with peanut butter or any treat your dog loves and he is likely to be occupied for hours.

Scented toys are great for engaging blind dogs in playtime. Jolly Critters Dog Toys are vanilla scented, making them easy to discover in “think it is!” games together with your dog. Just be sure and select non-toxic scented toys.

When in doubt, try to find toys that produce sounds. The Talking Babble Ball makes funny noises when enjoyed, and it is available in many different sizes. Pet stores sell many different toys that squeak when squeezed or chewed, which can be entertaining to blind dogs. Check out Ethical Pet Plush Skinneeez stuffing-free toys and Kong Wubba, a tough, squeaky Kong toy.